Cooley’s Classic Cars

Take a trip down memory lane at Cooley’s Classic Car showroom in Downtown Harlingen.  Cooley’s features several GM vehicles from the 1920s through the 1970s, including Corvettes, Camaros, Impalas, and more.  Come reminisce and enjoy the sleek tail fins, shiny hood ornaments, and hot-rodding horsepower on display.

Located at 302 W. Jackson (corner of Jackson & Commerce in Downtown Harlingen).
(956) 245-3587
Open by appointment.


Nostalgic Neon Signs

In decades past, neon signs glowed bright in Downtown Harlingen, beckoning residents and visitors into modern groceries and department stores, corner drug stores and diners, movie palaces, and grand hotels.

Today, Downtown Harlingen is honored to showcase dozens of neon signs.  Several are vintage neon, restored to their former splendor, while others are contemporary creations.  Most of the nostalgic collection is displayed indoors.  A few historic signs remain in their original outdoor locations.

Come see and learn about these unique works of art that warmed America’s main streets in days gone by.

Visit these locations to see a wide range of vintage and contemporary signs:

1.  Ol’ D’s Soda Shop, 105 W. Jackson
2.  Jackson Street Antiques, 218 W. Jackson
3.  Cooley’s Classic Cars, 302 W. Jackson
4.  New York Deli, 122 N. “A” Street

The Railroad Crossing

All aboard!  Come check out the model trains on display at The Railroad Crossing, a model railroad clubhouse operated by the nonprofit Tip-O-Texas Model Railroad Club.  Plus, learn about the fascinating hobby of model railroading.  Lots of famous people, including Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, Michael Jordan and Bruce Springsteen have been avid model railroaders. You can be too!  Discover the fun in watching trains run, researching their history, making scenery, building structures, and more!  Anyone with an interest in trains is welcome.

From November 2015 through March 2016, The Railroad Crossing hosts free jam sessions twice a month, featuring the popular musician, Vance Greek, and others.   If you like folk, country, gospel, or bluegrass music, you’re in for a treat!  Click on Events for the complete Jammin’ on Jackson schedule.

The Railroad Crossing
101 E. Jackson
(956) 742-3836